In our human existence, one thing we all share is light & color. Visible light is just a tiny fraction of the vast Electromagnetic Spectrum, but it’s crucial to our perceptions of the world.
The Electromagnetic Spectrum is an energy wave that transmits power throughout the universe. It starts with long, slow-rolling waves like AM Radio waves, which can be miles long.
After AM Radio, there is FM Radio, Microwave, Infra-Red, Visible Light, Ultra-Violet, X-Ray, and finally Gamma Rays. As the wave’s length between peaks get shorter, the power gets stronger. (Anything above Visible Light can be dangerous to humans.)

This column is designed to give you a bit of the science and art about color. I’ll show you the difference between RGB, CMYK, & Red-Yellow-Blue color. Plus, I’ll help you see how to use those colors in your art. But, this teaser is all for today.