One Universe of Light!

One Universe of Light! Four worlds of color, Steve’s color educational information: This is my science and art theory blog. Through the 4 worlds of color, I can teach you how to see the universe with better eyes, and help you understand why I call color the “Silent Soundtrack.”  

Fanboy Turns Pro

Comic book algebra and personal histories… Every comic book professional has a story of how they got into the business. I broke it down into an equation and a game I call: COMIC BOOK ALGEBRA               It goes like this:   Your First Comic Book + Some Major Influence = Read More …


Comic books, comic strips, animations, music… He’s my character, or maybe I’m his character. I’m not quite sure. But this is where Armature & his pal, Redgy, the Guide Dog for the Spiritually Blind, have their stories, art, music, and animations.