Olyoptics List of Companies & Characters


  • Marvel- (Epic)
  • DC-  (Vertigo, Piranha Press)
  • Dark Horse
  • Eclipse
  • Pacific
  • Image
  • Gladstone
  • First
  • Byron Preiss
  • Independents (Wildcard Ink, Paul Power, Verotik, and more)

Characters and series by Company:

  • Marvel:  The Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, Black Panther, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers, Daredevil, Captain Marvel, Warlock, Blade, Spider-Woman, Super Boxers, Punisher, Superman/Hulk, Moon Knight, Thor, Miracleman
  • EPIC: Akira, The Bozz Chronicles, Timespirits, Coyote, Starstruck, Atomic Age, ShadowMasters
  • DC: Batman movie adaptation, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, World’s Finest, Showcase, Green Lantern, Blackhawk, Gilgamesh II, Twilight, Cosmic Odyssey, Soveriegn 7, Dungeons & Dragons
  • Vertigo: Sandman, Death: The High Cost of Living, Red Thorn, Swamp Thing, Love Street, 
  • Piranha Press: Epicurus the Sage
  • IMAGE: Spawn, The Maxx, Pitt, Cyber-Force, Savage Dragon, Youngbloods, Black & White, Tribe, Stupid, Wildcats, ShadowHawk/Vampirella, Darker Image
  • PACIFIC: Capt. Victory, Rocketeer, Missing Man, Twisted Tales, Alien Worlds, Mike Grell’s Star-Something-or-Other, 
  • ECLIPSE: Airboy, Ragamuffins, Spiral Path, Mr. Monster, Aztec Ace, Phaze, DNAgents, a bunch of random reprints
  • DARK HORSE: James Bond: 007, 2012, Terminator/Robocop, 
  • FIRST: Time2, Classics Illustrated, Shatter,
  • GLADSTONE: Mickey Mouse in Color, covers