Here is a color guide from my first Fantastic Four coloring job.

Fantastic Four #13 was the first Marvel comic book I ever bought. Jack Kirby inked by Steve Ditko. (Probably because of the Super Apes…) The Red Ghost and his Super Apes in the mysterious blue area of the moon! And the first appearance of the Watcher, to boot!!
In my nine years of life, I had never been so both elated and confused by a comic book before. I had no idea who anybody was, but it was obvious there was a backstory I knew nothing about. From that day on, I was hooked on the Marvel Universe. The next day I went out and bought Spiderman #2 for 12 cents off the rack. The day after that, I traded two Superman comics to a friend for Spider-Man #1. Within the next few months I bought X-Men #1, Avengers #1, and my comic book career was predestined… However, that’s a story for another time.

But here, in early 1998, 35 years after I discovered them, I finally got to color an issue of Fantastic Four. And it was good art, too!
Salvador Larocca & Art Thibert.
Not only that, there were good color separations by Digital Chameleon.
This is the splash page of FF Vol. 3 #4, published April, 1998.