ARMATURE SOUNDTRACK: Functional Family & DarkPark

These are the twin theme songs for the virtual reality amusement park in Armature’s first storyline. It’s a binary park that is all light and wonder, and then a darker side. It is a spinning Yin Yang that has more secrets than anyone knows…

The first song is: FUNCTIONAL FAMILY (THE MYTH OF…) This song has the trombone work of Alan Williams, and that’s him laughing at the end.

Armature Soundtrack, MP3

The LightWorld theme song, designed for the opening of the animated TV show.

The flip side is DarkPark, where the Ghostarama folks come out.

Armature soundtrack, MP3

The dark side of the park with Harmonics & Harmonica. The harmonica was by Thomas Rude, and the keyboards and vocals are by “Slabs” Gutierrez, who now goes by the name “Sumo.”