ARMATURE: A Little More History

Here is one of the comic strips to explain a bit more of Armature’s history.

Armature, Independent Coast Observer

Armature has evolved a bit over the years.

One of the things that is kind of amazing about Armature is how often he shows up in nature. He seems to be an elemental shape. Here are some examples.


A rock from the beach that a friend gave to me. Does that look like Armature, or what?

Here is a comic strip I did in the first year of the Armature in the I.C.O. detailing several more places in nature where Armature shows up.

Armature in nature

Armature shows up in a tree next door, in a piece of driftwood my assistant, Tami Pleck gave me, and in a cow’s pelvis bone. Weird, huh?

Here’s another version of the tree next door that I drew for a blues T-shirt.

Armature, Blues on the Coast, Point Arena

This is another view of the Armature Tree. (An actual tree on my next door neighbor’s property.) That’s Redgy, howling at the moon, with his cat buddy, Tuxedo, looking on.