ARMATURE SOUNDTRACK: Armature & Redgy’s Theme Songs


I find it funny, (In that odd sort of way…) but it’s amazing that any idea can be remolded, and made more complete by adding new facets to it. Armature evolved as a character once I stumbled on his theme song. I’m not a keyboard player, but I bought this Korg Workstation that did way more than I could take advantage of. While I had it though, I used it to write Armature’s Theme Song. It was me doing my best Henry Mancini cross between the Pink Panther Theme, Peter Gunn, and the Baby Elephant Walk. The music defined his personality more than just about anything.

Once you hear his theme song,  you have a real insight into Armature. It defines him. After I made it up, I knew who he was, and it was a lot easier to write & draw his stories.

And then Redgy came along. Redgy is based on a real dog. That dog was a character. He was a force of nature. I believe he was a Vizsla. (A very intelligent red short-haired dog from Hungary.) He was owned by Larry & Arlene Lombardi. Or maybe it was just the opposite. Sometimes it was hard to tell.

The boys are a team, and this is the A-Side & B-side of their 45.

Armature theme song

Armature Theme Song 45

Redgy's Theme Song